Jon Baker, Graphics Programming




aiExperiments: Playing with Simple Neural Networks


Voxelspace Algorithm in a Compute Shader + GPVM Talk


Weekend Project: Voraldo Spaceship Generator


Voraldo Perspective Projection + Temporal Methods

Visualizing the Visible Human Dataset in Voraldo

This article contains images of anatomical data that some may find offensive.

Weekend Project: Bitfont Glyph Parsing + Use in Voraldo


AirplaneMode: Simple Pathtracer with Explicit Primitives

GPU SDF Pathtracing: Refraction


GPU SDF Pathtracing


Orbit Trap Coloring for Fractal SDFs

The Distance Estimator Compendium (DEC)


Dithered Raymarching, Part 3: Fractals


Voraldo GPVM Talk


Voraldo v1.2



Software Rasterizer

Wave Function Collapse


Dithered Raymarching, Part 2: Colorspaces


FFT Visualizer


Learning G-Code for a 3-axis CNC Router


Raytracing: The Next Week

Voraldo v1.1


My implementation of Raytracing in One Weekend

Knights Tours via Recursive Backtracking


Dithered Raymarching, Part 1: Dithering via Bitcrushing

GPU Physarum Sim

Weekend Project: Markov Chains for Text Generation


Soft Body Physics (3D) + GPVM Presentation


Soft Body Physics (1D and 2D)


Voraldo v1.0



OpenGL Chess

-Fall Semester 2019 Graphics Class-

CS4250 Final Project

  (realtime 3D cellular automata on the GPU)


 (small game with some interesting use of textures and color)


Voraldo (old versions)